The Hive01 Entrepreneurship Programme 

Are you bothered by start-ups but don't know whether being an entrepreneur is something for you? Do you have a nice business idea but no clue where to start? We are there to help.


Due to recurring anti coronavirus measures and new limitations, we postpone Season 11 until further notice.

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Become a better entrepreneur


Learn everything you need to know about starting your own business. Highly interactive workshops conducted by successful entrepreneurs will lead you from the ideation phase all the way to the launch phase.


Receive professional & tailored advice to turn your idea into a success. During the multiple mentor evenings, you can brainstorm and receive guidance from experienced experts.


At the end of the programme, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of investors for a chance to receive funding.

We aim to evoke the entrepreneurial spirit of students and young professionals that are ready to take the first step to their own business.

Our Philosophy

As Hive01, we believe all startups are built upon network and knowledge. This gives you the best chance to succeed.


An overview of a few Hive01 success stories!


...builds your team

Great entrepreneurs seem to make anything work. A very simple and straight-forward idea can always succeed with the right network. However, you cannot think of an idea that will succeed without networking. The only way to make a succesful business in this fast-moving world is to talk to as many people as possible and make sure your product is always solving a problem.

As Hive01, we of course understand that networking is super important. That is why we end the first three aforementioned phases with a mentor evening! In this evening, you follow a speed-dating format to talk to many succesful entrepreneurs and businesspeople from your region. The more feedback the better!

Knowledge getting the right mentorship


"Scientia potentia est" ("knowledge is power"): a famous phrase proving that people have found the value in knowledge for a long time now. In this day and age, knowledge is more powerful than ever before. Not only do you have to gain more knowledge to have a competitive advantage, but knowledge about yourself and your flaws is becoming more and more important as businesses become more scalable and competitive. Any advantage in knowledge can result in the domination of competitors.

In Hive01, we try to bring you the needed knowledge in the form of expert speakers and workshops coming every week. To learn more about what workshops will be held and what the Hive01 curriculum will look like, take a look at our curriculum.


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